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How long do I have to complete a course? How do I audit or challenge an AU courses? : Current Student Non-Program

Students taking individualized study course are given six months to complete three- and four-credit course and twelve months to complete six-credit courses. All assignments, quizzes and exams are required to be completed within the course contract time. You are free to work at your own pace within the course contract period and can complete the course as quickly as you like.

Students taking individualized study courses are eligible for three two-month extensions, as explained in AU's Course Extension Policy.

Generally, group study courses follow a traditional semester system; for example, courses which begin in September will end in December. Grouped-study courses are usually 13 weeks (three-credit courses) or 26 weeks (six-credit courses). Course extensions are not allowed.

If you are a funded student, other timeframes might apply. For more information, email a Financial Aid Advisor in the Financial Aid unit of the Office of the Registrar at or contact the Information Centre.

How do I audit or challenge an AU course?

You may choose to either audit or challenge a course at AU.

Challenge for Credit

When you challenge a course, you are demonstrating that you have a high level of proficiency in the subject matter covered by that course. Some courses are not available for challenge, and some postsecondary institutions do not recognize challenge courses for transfer credit.

Please see the Challenge for Credit section of our calendar for more information on the challenge for credit process and how to register for a challenge for credit course.

Note that you may not withdraw from a challenge for credit course.

Course Audit

When you audit a course, you are taking the course for interest and do not receive credit. Click here to view the audit link for specific regulations that pertain to course audit.

To register as an audit student, follow the course registration process, and when you are asked if you would like to take the course for credit or for audit, choose audit.

The audit option button.

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