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Paying for Your Education : Current Student Non-Program

Post-secondary education is a valuable investment in your future. How you pay for your education will depend on the pace at which you want to complete your studies, your personal financial situation, and whether you have some kind of sponsorship or intend to use student loans. Knowing how much your education will cost is a good first step.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada ( has developed information and tools that will help you estimate the cost of your studies as well as other expenses that you will incur as a student. AU’s Course Fee Estimator is another valuable tool that you can use to determine how much your education will cost at AU.

Some of the financial advantages you have by studying with AU are that your course fees include materials such as electronic or hard-copy textbooks, and because you’re studying at distance, you avoid the cost of transportation to classes.

When you look at the overall cost of your education, you should include ancillary fees. If your course has an exam, for example, you may have to pay for exam invigilation. You will need to contact the exam invigilation centre where you plan to write your exams for information on fees.

The AU Calendar has a full listing of AU’s academic-related fees.

Updated September 22 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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