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Athabasca University

Writing and Math Support : Current Student Non-Program

AU is committed to helping you develop the 21st-century literacy and numeracy skills you need to successfully complete courses and programs, and to participate fully in economic and civic activities as a life-long learner.

  • AU offers support in developing English language, writing, and math skills.
  • AU Library Services offer not only access to information but tutorials and guidance on making effective use of information.
  • The AU e-lab is a growing collection of tools and resources to use in course projects.

The Write Site

The Write Site at can help you develop the writing skills that are essential to your academic success. You may be wondering whether you are writing at a university level. Our English Language Assessment can help you identify your areas of strength and weakness, and can suggest appropriate courses if necessary.

You can use the Write Site service to receive feedback about the writing component of an assignment before you submit it for marking. Write Site coaches can help you to identify individual patterns of errors in your writing and, where warranted, refer you to the appropriate writing course. Before submitting an assignment to a writing coach, please check the guidelines and the coaching specialties of the Write Site Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator to make sure that you are contacting the appropriate person.

You will also find useful information on the Write Site about research writing, critical thinking, avoiding plagiarism, and more.

You should always check with a program advisor to ensure that the course you choose will fit within your program regulations.

The Math Site

If you need help in making the transition from school-level to university-level mathematics, the Math Site at is for you. The site offers a range of resources including self-testing for math readiness, remedial help, a way to discover your preferred learning style, and numerous engaging presentations on mathematics from diverse perspectives.

You will also find AU’s Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment on the site. This online test contains 70 questions that will help you assess your mathematical skills. Based on your score, we will recommend an appropriate AU mathematics course.

You should always check with a program advisor to ensure that the course you choose will fit within your program regulations.

Updated September 22 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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