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Exam Invigilation : Current Student Program

An exam invigilator is a person or an organization that is authorized by AU to oversee the writing of an exam. When you write an AU exam, your exam invigilator will be provided with specific guidelines to follow. These guidelines can include the amount of time you are permitted to write, whether or not you can access a calculator, and any other specific conditions.

Invigilators are also charged with the responsibility of safeguarding your exam and ensuring that you do not have access to it outside of the scheduled exam period.

How can I find an exam invigilator?

AU’s Exam Invigilation Network contains a comprehensive listing of established exam invigilators. If you live within 100 km of an established exam invigilator, you must write your exam with that invigilator.

If your course has an online exam, and you are interested in the opportunity to use ProctorU's virtual invigilation service, please go to the ProctorU website to review their technical requirements, test your system, and to book an exam write date.  Current ProctorU fees may be found here  Once you have a scheduled write date with ProctorU you must then complete your exam request through your myAU portal using the invigilation identification number of 3278826.

ProctorU is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is able to assist students worldwide if they have an online exam, webcam and high speed internet connection. Try this new opportunity today.

  • Notes:
    • You should confirm your exam invigilation requirements at least 60 days prior to the date you intend to write your exam. This will ensure that you meet the required deadlines for making a request for a new invigilator.
    • If you live outside of Canada, our Examination Services Unit can help you to find an invigilator in your area. Please email for assistance.

I am unable to find an exam invigilator in my area, what do I do?

If you can’t find an exam invigilator within 100 km of your residence, then you can request to have an invigilator established. An exam invigilator must be one of the following:

  • a professor or instructor at a recognized post-secondary institution
  • a full-time administrative or professional employee of a recognized public or private post-secondary institution
  • a full-time administrative or professional staff member of a public library or a library in a public school
  • a full-time administrative or faculty staff member of a public or private elementary or secondary school
  • a full time human resources professional who works in a dedicated HR department
  • a ranking officer in the Armed Forces
  • an official at an embassy or consulate office

An exam invigilator cannot be a friend, a relative, a co-worker, an immediate supervisor, an AU student (unless otherwise approved by AU), a student from another school (unless otherwise approved by AU), or someone that resides at the same address as the student.

If you are having difficulties finding an invigilator, our Examination Services Unit will help you to identify potential invigilators in your area. Please email for assistance.

Do exam invigilators charge a fee?

Most invigilators charge a fee for their services. You are responsible for paying any fees that an invigilator charges for supervising your exam.

Note that if you are writing your exam in our Edmonton or Calgary locations, there is no fee assessed for invigilation, but you may be subject to an exam rebooking fee if you reschedule your exam.

Updated January 10 2018 by Student & Academic Services

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