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What to Expect When You Write Your Exam : Current Student Program

Your course materials will provide you with information about your exam. It will specify the maximum amount of time that you have to complete the exam, whether or not you are allowed to bring specific items (like a calculator) into the exam room with you, and the format of the exam (multiple choice, short answer, long answer, etc.).

Your invigilator will be provided with procedures on how the exam is to be supervised, which are included in your exam package. If you are writing an online exam, they will be provided with these procedures via email. The procedures provide details about the exam and include

  • the maximum amount of time you have to write your exam.
  • what, if any, items you may bring into the exam room with you.
  • any additional procedures that might be required.

You will be asked to show proof of identification when you arrive to write your exam. Acceptable forms of identification include any government-issued identification or an AU student ID card. Once the invigilator has confirmed your identification, you will be asked to sign the header sheet on the exam. You will then be seated in an exam-writing area and provided with your exam. You should always ensure that you have been given the correct exam. Be sure to review the student information on the exam, the course name and number, the date of the exam, and the start time of the exam.

If there are any problems with your exam, bring them to your invigilator’s immediate attention. The exam invigilator will have instructions on how to deal with problems related to your exam.

Once you have completed your exam, your invigilator will record the completion time and sign the exam header form. You should always witness this process.

If you have written your exam in Calgary or Edmonton, your exam will be forwarded to our Athabasca location for marking. If you have written your exam somewhere else, your invigilator will return your exam to our Athabasca location via the return envelope that is provided in your exam package.

Important: Never have an exam in your possession outside of your scheduled exam write date and time. Doing so will void the exam.

Updated September 22 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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